Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sigh of release

I started to say relief, but that implies some regret. Release feels more right. I am talking about the Festival again. It went stunningly well from many accounts and the folks who attended were very impressed with the selection and quality of the work. We ran out of admission tickets, had a highest ever attendence and great reviews. Now all we have to do is do it again but better, next year!

I walked this morning and yesterday--one of the many things that fell by the wayside before the Festival. I think fall mornings in the Carolinas are some of the most beautiful in the world. The sky and clouds are amazing but very fleeting. You have to look up at just the right time to catch them. I also had a chance to admire the fall garden that Jim planted. We have lettuce, spinich and green onions coming up. His soil looks so loamy and rich. The trees are just about in full color now--so late in coming but so lovely.

I'll follow with some shots from the festival but just wanted to enjoy the day for a bit, and then jump on orders for teapots.

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