Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Countdown to the Carolina Pottery Festival

Well, it is officially less than a week before the Carolina Pottery Festival. I have a few loose ends organizationally left to tie up, such as getting the programs, tickets, booth signs and name badges printed, and we have a walk through meeting at the location on Monday but in seven days the Board of Directors will be on the other side, thinking about what to do differently for the 9th Festival.
Today I worked on getting my last pieces ready to fire before the big day. You'll see gingerbread men and some fun ornaments, more handmade buttons and hopefully some gorgeous slip painted work. As well as all the other carved pieces, functional work, leaf trays, etc.
If you have never attended the Festival, it is an experience! Talk about beautiful and numerous work. All pottery. All inside. Well worth a drive, especially since gas is down to such a bargain! (Tongue in cheek kinda, but really, it's $1.76 less a gallon than when I was at the Utilitarian Clay Conference in Gatlinburg. Can you say "Presidential Election" anyone?)
Anyhoo, come on down, over, up, across, by foot, by canoe, by car......and bring some friends.

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