Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bottle realities 2

Again, I'm trying to decide how I like the glazes. I made these in brownstone because it has more tooth than my white stoneware and isn't as finicky but the color of the clay really tones down the glaze colors. Feet treatment is bothersome. I thought I would really be thrilled with the contrast of bare clay, but perhaps that was a decision made after a long day, in the midst of glazing delusion.


Unknown said...

Could you put a RIO stain on the foot and fade it up the side slightly and then glaze it. The contrast will not be as great and the RIO stain limited pretty much to the base / lower lower 1/4 of the piece might work out just fine.

Jerry said...

I like the glaze on the top piece quite a lot. I am a big fan of red iron oxide, so I think Diane may be on to something there.

Vicki Gill, potter said...

I think you are both right. I should have done that before glazing--thought about it, then slipped my mind until after the wax resist was that point you just have to break into a Carly Simon song "It's too late, baby, now, it's too late!" (Or was that Carole King?)