Saturday, December 5, 2009

After/Before or What it takes to make it saleable

These are the pieces I dropped off this past Monday at the Cleveland County Arts Council for their Handmade for the Holidays show. I think it's a nice selection of work with new bird themed pieces, impressed fish trays and some sweet little plum blossom trays that I have coupled with a red bowl. The beehive shape is for knitters or crocheters to house their wayward thread skeins in.
Before it could become a saleable item, it had to go through a bit of post kiln magic. You're seeing many things in many different stages in this shot. It's funny that I took this photo on Monday and when reading Ron's blog today, I see he has his own bit of chaos going on. Is it something in the air, or just the time of year when creativity and clean collide? Creativity seems to win at my house, hands down.
In the cause of full disclosure, I have not been paid or recompensed by Panera Bread for drinking their tea and showing it on my blog. I also had a bagel with cream cheese and darn if I didn't have to pay for that, as well.


Winston said...

Thanks for posting this picture of what you think is saleable, Vicky. I have just been asked to put a few of my own pieces at a friend's chain of gift shops in Penang and I was racking my brains over what to make for that purpose. Now I have some idea of what might appeal to potential customers. I confess I still find it hard to believe that anyone thinks any of my work is good enough to be sold, much less that anyone would buy any of it. Thanks again.

Vicki Gill, potter said...

It's that mad roller coaster ride of excitement and worry that comes with putting your work up for sale. I struggle with what to put out there and compromise between what has done well in the past and the latest thing that I am really excited about. I hope your work does very well in the gift shops.