Monday, July 26, 2010

Seeing into the future

I'm looking into the future and it will soon be filled with some serious pottery making. Back at last from my long absence from the studio, I will be throwing again in little over a week. I have had a great time, pursuing a long term goal of taking classes on human behavior, the mind and spirit and overcoming barriers to one's own purposes and goals on any front of life.

When I first decided to take time out from the studio, I wasn't sure I could endure months on end without a hands on approach to creativity. What I discovered along the way is that I have had a certain driveness about having to "make" things. I realized I wasn't going to dry up and blow away if I wasn't actually making pots everyday. Taking the "must" out of the creative process will give me more freedom to do better work and I am really looking forward to exploring that.

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Linda Starr said...

I contratulate you on taking the must out of creating. I am currently out of clay it the studio and I see it as both a drawback to my sense of well being but also a detriment since I would often do that instead of other things that should be done.