Friday, May 27, 2011

An afternoon of rain and throwing pots

No pictures today. Just a wheel in motion all afternoon as the sound of drumming rain comes in from the kiln porch where a glaze kiln is cooling. Perfect. Time for mind and hands to come together over a soft undulating mound of clay. No other pots to glaze or trim or detail. Nothing else between the clay and me. A sketch of experimental pots in front of me, pushing the limits for a set of canisters for Carole. More wall vases to explore glaze combinations. Squared off plates as part of a set of dishes for Nan. Shows, finished wares, pots in the appreciative hands of people, all reduce down to this--the rhythm of the wheel and clay.
Don't get me wrong, I love handbuilding but it is a different pace and a different rhythm.
Beautiful. This is why I got into clay and why it still ensnares me in it's magic.
The rhythm of the wheel and clay.

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