Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Creative Process (in pictures)

Putting the ideas on paper. Eating and drinking and being surrounded by pottery helps! Covered jar in background is a Ron Philbeck pot I use for my sugar bowl.
I had already slabbed out the sides of the piece the night before and had the general idea of the shape. Although, to be honest, I flipped the sides over a period of about an hour, mulling over which direction to make this piece.

Ideas for the base, decoration and different little containers for candles, etc.

Carving on one side started.

Little drop-in pieces that will go in top holes. Prototype of candle holder built. Needs lots of refinement!

Trees formed and setting up, waiting for carving and placement.

View of top of piece with 4 of 8 trees in place. The little holes are for clay stubs that I bore into the trunks to help stabilize them on the top. Learned this the hard way when previous tree piece fell off due to inbalance and only being attached at base.
The large holes will be used as is for flower arrangements or with a drop in piece to convert it to a candlabra.

View of carved front with tree springs place. Awaiting dark clay spring for bases of trees.

Come out and see the work in progress this weekend!

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