Sunday, February 17, 2013

India Inspired

 Peacock Tray
 New Impressed Designs and Colors

These are shots from my display set up at Treasures of the Earth Show, Cleveland Co. Arts Council, Shelby NC. The show will be up until the first week in March. I did something a bit different  in that I limited my work to a theme. For this show I wanted all the work to reflect the new glaze colors I have been exploring and the exotic textures of India. To do this, I used wooden stamps normally used in the printing of cloth, other stamps I had made and carving. The carving was limited to a peacock feather design which has fascinated me since last fall.
The exploration of color started last summer with a base glaze I have been using since 1995. To it I have experimented with adding Mason stains in various combinations. The colors I have been most pleased with are  turquoise, teal,chartreuse, saffron and reddish purple.
While this work is a departure from my "normal" leaves and organic designs, it is an extension of my love of texture and color.

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