Thursday, April 11, 2013

Renewable impressions

I use Japanese maple leaves and Ginkgo leaves in my work and I'm always so glad to see the soft green baby leaves sprouting on the branches of my trees in my yard. That means fresh new leaves for impressing into the clay in just a few weeks. Oh, I've learned to make due with preserved leaves, worn-out leaves, frozen leaves.......but there is nothing like  pliant, unmarked, unfrayed edges of flexible nature to roll into clay. It's kind of like having to use preserved apples or dried apples at the end of spring to make apple pie.
Just for the record, freezing your leaves is the best way I found to get a supply through the winter. I gather them when they are green, when they are just turning colors and,  in desperation, scoop them off the ground before the first frost. It's best to lay them flat on top of one another so they don't get a lot of wrinkles, then pop the bundle into a freezer bag and press out the extra air.
To use, you just thaw them out for a few minutes. However, don't let them sit out for days on end in the freezer bag at room temperature or they will begin to grow mold.

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