Thursday, December 12, 2013

Why Bluegill?

Why Bluegill? I get asked this question a lot. It is second only to "Are those real leaves still in there?", a question I get when people see my maple and ginkgo trays.

Well......I worked at an advertising agency and got indoctrinated with the idea of a catchy phrase. When I was trying to think of a name for my pottery, I had ideas that I didn't want to limit the future with just my name. I was thinking of a partner or maybe even one of my artistic children that might desire to follow in the dusty footprints of their mother. 18 years later, neither the partner or the 2nd generation potter has materialized. The kids followed other art pursuits and I work with a dog. Literally--a 4 legged retired greyhound who only touches clay when he is frustrated with me. Then he tends to destroy it.

So back to the name story. I liked fish and my last name was Gill and Bluegill Pottery seemed the perfect match. Lately I have begun signing the backs of flat pieces with blue underglaze, to provide a real tongue-in-cheek rendition of the name. Blue       Gill. This is what happens when you work by yourself a long time. You get all your own jokes and irony and think they are really witty. And that's the rest of the story

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