Sunday, January 12, 2014

Drying is the hardest thing

Drying work on shelves
Ok, this is a personal preference, but this stage of pottery is my least favorite. Everything looks really funky while it's drying. It's almost like that really gawky stage kids go through before they become teenagers. Or at least, used to go through in the days when awkwardness, pimples, and uncomfortableness in one's own skin were the rights of passage from childhood into adulthood. Maybe I'm just putting emotion into the pots but they don't seem happy at this stage to me. Like they are anxiously awaiting to become, which happens in the glazing and firings. I'm just trying to baby them through the passage at this point.
For those interested in the shelves, they are very movable and temporary, depending on the size of work. Just boards stacked on top of big yogurt containers. Thanks Stoneyfield!! You make my breakfast delicious and are recycled into the studio.

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