Tuesday, July 24, 2007

E-mail hijacking, phishing and spamming

I had an unpleasant surprise this weekend when I investigated why I wasn't getting any emails. I found someone had hijacked my address and was sending all my emails to another spot, and then using my email address to send out spam. So if you received an email supposedly from me, with an unusual name as contact and told you that you had won a lottery, could make beaucoups of money from helping out some foreign company by laundering their money or were due some inheritance from a person you had never heard about, SORRY. It ain't gonna happen.

For those not familiar with N'awlins slang- beaucoup is a whole lotta something.

To say that it made me mad is an understatement. Now that I regained control of my email address, I wish someone could discover the scoundrels that are doing these types of spam, scam and other four letter words. I mean, if they stole my mail out of my federally owned mailbox that I put up on the street and that the local kid can't even attach a flyer for mowing services to, it would be considered a federal offense. Then sending that bull out would be considered mail fraud. People go to jail big-time for that. So I hope that the laws will one day expand to capture,try and prosecute these thieves who prey on people in the same manner as old fashioned snail mail scams.

Thank goodness I went to the studio and took out my frustrations on some clay!

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