Friday, July 27, 2007

New Glazed Work.

The finished 5-spouted vase. When I first took it out of the kiln I was not very pleased with the glazing. But after a couple of days, I decided that I do like this piece. Next one I will glaze differently, having gone through the process once, I know better what to expect. I would like to make a series of these with variations in size and height. The real test is whether you like them or not.
Other doings involve Carolina Pottery Festival. We had our Board of Directors meeting last week and put press packets and potter's packets together. So now I have to mail the 150+ pieces beginning this next week.
Also getting ready to apply to the Smithsonian show and the ACC show. I heard another potter describe it as the potters' lottery. That is how it feels a bit. You take your best work and get it photographed and pay your money and wait it out to see if you got the winning ticket this year.
My chalice and patens came out well and the latest braided clay basket has made it into the drying state, so things are looking good. This will be the biggest one I have attempted so far. I am hoping I have correctly estimated the shrinkage so that it will fit in my kiln.
Wildlife news around the house involve the doggle of ducks--don't know the correct term for whole lots of those winged beasties- and the cheeky squirrels. Our neighbor puts out peanuts and bread and all kinds of wonderful food for the local wildlife. She now has about 13 to 21 ducks who come to visit. I can see them from the kitchen window in the morning and the evening. Now that our dog Ginger died, there is no one to police the premises and the squirrels have taken to coming right up on the deck and burying their peanut treasures in my plants. It's great to watch all the action, especially at breakfast.

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Unknown said...

So, Does this mean that this is a "dud" for your sister???? I think it is beautiful!!!!