Monday, December 31, 2007

Almost happy new year

Wow, it has been a whirlwind of activity here. I was able to get all the holiday orders done, with one exception and that was graciously allowed to be redone after Christmas. The studio will be closed for classes until February as I get geared up to make new work for Treasures of the Earth, a show I have done in Shelby, NC for many years. I have been working on some artwork and paintings over the holiday and will post pictures soon. They are for a place in Florida that my son is moving to, and we will be able to use for vacation. I've done some mosaics, some ceramic platters and some wall display boxes that use found objects and saved pottery shards, combined with copper foil embossed sheets. And there are two paintings of trees based on carved stone at Ankor Wat (ruins in Cambodia), embellished with Klimt (Gustav Klimt, painter who did very textural and decorative work and who I like a lot) like borders. I imagine all of it will translate into the new work I will be doing in January.

I will be in the studio but not on a regular basis in January, so if you need anything, contact me at my email or leave a non-urgent message at the studio and I will get back with you. I can set up an appointment to meet those folks who have a pottery emergency, so call me.

Otherwise, if you are driving by and the lights are on and the open sign in the door, drop in. I'll be in the back, making some clay magic.

The best of the New Year to you!

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