Thursday, December 20, 2007

Saturday in the Shop

I'll be in the gallery on Saturday, finishing up some last projects, so you can drop by and get away from the crowds. Some times there will be Christmas music, but I mix it up with Willie Nelson and James Taylor, because I can only listen to carols for so many hours, days on end. I will be there from 10am to 4pm.

Today I will be glazing and firing--I have several "cat" teapots and mugs that match, so I am anxious to see how they turn out. One set is for a commission, and the other is a back up piece, just in case. My other teapots had a 75 percent success rate, because 3 of the 4 came out. Have to figure out what to do about the fourth one, which stuck to the shelf and had glaze runs very badly. I have others in reserve, but not fired so it will not make it for Christmas.

Other work are mugs and bowls, great for last minute gifts. I'm doing a sketch of black bamboo on some curvy mugs, with handles placed at the "hip" joint. They were taller and smaller diameter than I normally do, and have an elegant look to them. They should be jumping out of the kiln on Saturday if all goes as planned!

Hope to see you during the count down to Christmas!

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