Monday, April 21, 2008

Claymatters Demo

Hey, the Gaston Day Art event was very nice. Got to see some artist friends that I haven't seen in a while. The kids' art was really great, too.
Enjoyed doing a demo for the Claymatters group in Charlotte on Sunday. I didn't fling anything off the wheel or do anything too embarassing. Bobbie Black, my good potter friend, was there from up in Lake Norman. Of course I had told her I would talk about her if she didn't show, so it wasn't like she had a choice. We're registered for the Utilitarian Clay Conference in Sept. and I am looking forward to it. Haven't ever been and it will be nice to be in Gatlinburg during the fall. Today I am glazing and finishing orders, deciding if I will remake some carved pieces, teaching my class and sorting out what to make next. I had started on goblets because that is what I demoed for the clay group and I did some matching plates. I need to create some dinnerware, so I will throw some in the white clay. There, decided! Off to the wheel.

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