Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Electricity, rain, kiln firings and farmer's markets

Well, today dawned bright and beautiful. I want to get a walk in this morning. Weather looks like electrical storms and rain will be the norm again this evening. I have been trying to get back into the groove of walking exercise after foot surgery in January. Old bones protest loudly sometimes, though. I have been watching the weather like a "chicken hawk" as my dad would say. With computerized kilns it is too risky to try and fire when there is a possiblity of storms.

I would like to get a glaze firing in before the weekend because I am testing a new white clay and I really need to see how my glaze colors will look on it before I commit more time to new work in this clay. It may be back to the drawing board if I don't like how everything looks when fired.

Being a potter is a most unusual craft. I can't imagine making my own oil colors as a painter, or weaving the canvas or cutting down the wood for a canvas frame to paint on. Yet many of my friends do just those types of things as regards to clay. I buy my clay already mixed, but there are lots of folks who are mixing or digging their clay. I do mix my own glazes and so have become very attached to the colors of my pots. That's why I am in this quest for the perfect white clay body--strong enough to make larger pots, white enough to be a wonderful background for my glazes, with a subtle depth so that the clay doesn't look flat or without life and not too dense so that it doesn't react badly in the kiln to temperature changes between the air and the kiln shelves. Lots of technical stuff to master in this craft.

New ventures I am working on this week, besides the clay quest, are gallery representation outside of my region and a trial run at a nice, small fresh market in Belmont this weekend (weather permitting of course). It sounds really interesting with fresh flowers, vegetables, baked goods and a few craftsmen. I also found some historical chalices that I would like to try and some tiles with a type of Arts and Crafts theme. That is probably enough new stuff to last through the end of June!

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Unknown said...

Hi Vicki!! :)
I am super excited to see your website ( fantastic! )and to hear from you. I got caught up with your latest happenings within your blog. You write beautifully, by the way. New Orleans sounds like a real tear jerker :( , but then it is always hard to go back in time.
I miss you and the gallery very much, it was a wonderful time! Hope your foot is doing better by now...lots of good storms this week to throw off your schedule, :)...well maybe it will give you more time to write!
Tell your son hello for me!