Friday, June 29, 2007

Pottery Festival details

The last few days have been non-clay days. I had to finish a grant report for the Carolina Pottery Festival. This is a really wonderful event that was formed seven years ago and happens annually on the second Saturday of November. You can see the bare details at We hope to get a snappier website up this year! It's one of the largest pottery only festivals in the Southeast. Over 90 potters...what a visual feast for pottery lovers.

Also moving things around in the studio to be more efficient and registering folks for classes. I did get some test tiles made and have ideas for the design of several more and made a large square platter of a dark red clay with white clay slip laid on top and bamboo branches carved back through. That's called sgraffito. Usually I just put a clear glaze on top of that but I want to try some extra color with this, so after it goes through the bisque firing, I'll apply underglazes (kind of like water color or tempera) but designed to withstand the high temperature firing. Then the clear glaze over that. I've got the way I want it to look in my mind. We'll see how it turns out.

And I did get another large braided basket done. I bought this huge roasting dish several years ago with the idea of using it for a form and it worked great. So I guess I did get a little clay work done.

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