Friday, June 29, 2007

Pottery festival date

Just tested the link for the pottery festival and the date hasn't been changed yet. It's Nov. 10, 2007. Hopefully this date change will happen soon.

I have some friends who have been blogging longer than me and they have really nice blog sites. You should check out Ron Philbeck's site at Ron does soda fired work and I have many of his pieces that I really enjoy using. He makes these cool covered boxes with animals on top. I have one that holds my sugar so I get to enjoy the smiling turtle and the bluebird perched on it's back every time I make hot tea.

Jen Mecca is another friend who makes beautiful whimisical work. She uses these great little swirls and squiggles of clay to finish off handles and feet and puts little sprigs of clay in the shape of leaves and flowers. Her spot is

Hope you go and visit both their sites and jump to their websites to view.

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