Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Haven't posted much due to the fact that my husband's business has been going through installation of new software, replacing programs we had used for 19 years. Wow, it has been a bit painful. The staff have been training since Sunday on the ins and outs of the new stuff. It's ironic, because we are old human dogs trying to be taught new tricks in order to help real dogs and cats (Jim is a veterinarian). I have been training in order to help with their inventory system and as a backup "what do I do when it does this?" expert. Spending this much time on the computer has not been conducive to enjoying blogging.

On the subject of change, whether in a vet hospital or in pottery or in life, generally, I was pondering how painful it can be to move out of what you know into something new. I realized that we actually live more in the future than we do in the present or past, since the future becomes the present about every millisecond. So if we do not learn to embrace the idea of change, we are more about digging our heels into what is familiar and resisting the new that is around us every moment. And the new is where the possibilities and potentialities come from. The past is pretty much static and unchanging.

So, I'm off to embrace some more future and new stuff! Hope you get to do that today, too.

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