Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ware boards

In the studio yesterday to start on work for my friend, Bobbie Black's, kiln firing. I had some really great pots out of the firing last year. I made 16 teabowls and 10 medium bowls, all different. Now they are waiting to be trimmed and handles/decoration done. Some of the bowls will go to several of the Empty Bowl-type fundraisers that I participate in every year.
For Bobbie's kiln, since it is a gas-reduction firing, and very different from my electric kiln, I want a bit of a different look. I will probably do a liner (on the inside of cups/bowls/etc) that I tried on the last firing. It was a very nice light amber. Then just use her glazes for the outsides.
I had planned on using some older clay that is rated for higher temperature firing than I normally do. I got it out, weighed and wedged the clay and was concerned about how stiff it was. Normally I like my clay very soft, which means using a very light touch with it. After I struggled to center and throw the first ball of clay I decided it was not worth it. Poking holes in the balls and really wetting them down with water and packing in plastic will solve this stiffness I hope. Will try again today, otherwise, back to my normal, nicely behaved Standard clay.
Stayed up at the computer at home last night looking at Simon Leach YouTube videos. He is very interesting to watch. Great throwing skills and a dry sense of humor. Perfect combination.
Off to the studio!

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