Friday, January 18, 2008

Snowy porcelain and real snow

Using up some clay that I had in the studio for the continuing saga of making bowls/teabowls for Bobbie's kiln firing, I worked in porcelain for the first time in a while on Thursday. I had some Helios and it had gotten pretty hard, so by the time I got it wet enough to throw with, it was like cream cheese, but with a bit more life. Actually it felt a lot like bread dough, because it had some bounce to it. I put everything under the fan, so I was able to trim the pieces today.
I unloaded the kilns-had a bisque and a glaze. Everything came out pretty well. There was just a bit of pin-holing in my blue glaze, but it seemed a little thick, and that may be why. It was very cold and my kilns are under a roof shed, but still outside, so they did cool extremely fast. Another possibility for the pin-holing. The white stoneware wall hangings really looked great, and I will make some more.
Hope to get into studio and finish making pieces for the show in February.
They are calling for snow tomorrow. We did have a bit on Thursday, lots on the car, and then everything melted. I hope tomorrow is similar. It is quite lovely to look at as long as it goes away quickly.

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Ron said...

Hey Vicki, I've enjoyed your last few post. Look forward to seeing those pots fired. I sent my money in for the Clay Conference yesterday. It should be a good one.