Thursday, July 2, 2009

Isn't it ironic?

A quick post and then off to the studio.

Speaking about issues like health insurance in my last posts and low and behold, Jim ended up in the hospital this weekend. Rather ironic. We're out now and on the road to recovery. As a kidney transplant recipient, he is more at risk than normal to mundane type germs, but this is our first "illness" since his transplant.

I'll be doing a fun thing--making pendants for a band called "The Rise of Science". You can see the sample pieces I made for them above. They are friends of the band that Spencer is in and were interested in the pendants I made for Tides of Man. Kind of a cool idea that young people around the country are wearing things I made.
Have a great day--very glad to be back in the studio!


Linda Starr said...

Hi Vicky, so glad Jim is ok now. Those pendants are really nice, are you using porcelain clay? And do you hang them on a bead tree to fry or just glaze on the front?

Ron said...

Hey, Glad to hear Jim is doing okay. Maybe see you guys soon.

Vicki Gill, potter said...

Hey Linda, thanks. The clay I use is Standard 181, a white stoneware with kyanite in it. It's not porcelain but I really like it's surface. Fires cone 6-10. I have a bead tree but don't use it. Decided I didn't want to spend so much extra time on any of the pendants, because they were conceived as kiln fillers. Just glazed on the front.

Thanks Ron! Are you going to the Terry Gess/Claymatters thing next weekend?