Friday, April 27, 2007

Lush Spring

New works in bisque stage for basket and glazed pots.
I had a really good firing and took these images at the studio. The weather has been wonderful the last couple of days. I forget how lush the spring colors are after the winter. It's like putting on 3-D glasses and everything just leaps out at you with it's intensity and closeness. The irises in my front bed are in royal purple abundance and the grass is a rich shade of blue green thickness. I plucked some of the irises to take with me to the gallery yesterday because they were so striking. Next will come the big-headed peonies that have such a subtle smell. Food and flowers remind me of the purpose of being a potter--making things to put these other wonderful things in!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

what's new at blue

First posting and thought I would start with what's new at the pottery. I have been working on braided clay baskets and recently completed the largest one yet. It is exciting to work with new shapes and a bit adventureous as you don't always know how the clay will react. It could end up a big shapeless lump or the best thing you've ever done. Hope it's the latter. Will try to get an image up soon.