Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Changes in Event Dates

I've had a couple of changes in my event listings, so if you had your calendar marked, it's time for an update!
You can see some new pieces in Shelby during the month of October in the Ravin' for Poe Exhibit.
My Fall Open Studio will only be ONE DAY--Saturday, Oct. 16.
I'll be at the Hen House Sale on Dec. 4 and 5th as a guest. Thanks Jen!
My Holiday Open Studio is moved to Dec. 12 and 13th.
A new venture for me is sending work to Snow Farm's annual Fundraiser.
Lots going on.......I better get busy!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Carolina Clay Connection goes to the Mint

Here is a sampling of a show of contemporary Native American art at the Mint.
We enjoyed a great tour by docent Verna Witt, who is a member of our clay group.
You can click on the small images to enlarge them, but don't be surprised if they are a bit out of focus, since I was shooting without a flash or a tripod.

The difference between throwing and handbuilding

I enjoy both, but it's a lot easier to do the laundry when I'm handbuilding.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Birds

I have to say I have been carried away by this exhibit based on Poe's work that will be in Shelby in next month. This is a covered box I am glazing today. It will contain a handmade journal that I plan on doing some watercolor and calligraphy inside. Yesterday I was working on a gallery order and found myself making bird heads from scrap clay in between the trays and bowls. The birds, the birds! I have one more set that I am constructing for the exhibit. We can have two entries. Will send up photos of that later.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Trying to tie all the networking together

This is a test because I have tried to tie Twitter, my blog and my Facebook pages together in order not to have multiple entries. Hope this works!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fighting Mother Nature

We are back from Australia and it was a lovely trip. I am still fighting the time difference. I thought I had breezed through the adjustment after staying up for 24 hours straight or so, then sleeping like a baby the first night home. However, it's been up at 4:00am since then and being really tired at random hours.
Also, I have been battling black ants in the kitchen. This was a thing that would go on intermittently before we left. A caravan of them would greet us at all hours of the day as they hiked across the countertop, searching out morsels of food. We would spray, wipe, vaccum, clean all surfaces and they would disappear for a bit. Then we would find them in another spot. I swear they were like Vasco deGama, looking for the new world, only they took many different routes!
They were our welcome home party, along with the rotten apple and banana that I forgot to take out of the fruit bowl before leaving. Those little devils are like really persistent guests, they refuse to leave.
I will post some pictures and thoughts of Australia as I get more organized and some real sleep. Didn't get to see much pottery while there, though. Glad to be home and back in arm deep in clay.