Friday, January 31, 2014

Digging for gold. Pottery gold, that is.

Postcard for the next show I will be in. You can see my llama bowls in the far right corner at top.
This is the lovely invite sent out for the opening of the Treasures of the Earth show on Feb. 6th, in Shelby. The "pottery gold" is on display at this show--lots of beautiful work and I will have some new pieces that I am thrilled about and some new llama pots as well.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pizza and magnets

Looking for reviews of a trimming tool I was thinking of buying led me to a forum where someone told about making a homemade version from a pizza pan and some magnets. I thought it was worth trying because it seemed easy and would let me do a "test run" to see if I liked the concept of the tool or not. And it was only an investment of about $6.00. I have bought tools and equipment in the past that seemed like a good idea, only to learn that they didn't fit with my way of creating work. Some are still collecting dust and I didn't want that to happen with this tool.

I made a run to Walmart and Harbor Freight and purchased the basic components. The magnets are strong welding magnets and come in a pack of 4. I ended up modifying this contraption by attaching the pizza pan to a bat with glue squares. I also added round magnets under the strong welding magnets because the others had a tendency to release from the pan if I got the wheel spinning too fast. A permanent marking on the pan of a series of concentric circles was another modification. I have been very happy with the homemade version and plan to make a larger one with a bigger pizza pan. Right now it works well for altered bowls, which is the main thing I wanted it for.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Drying is the hardest thing

Drying work on shelves
Ok, this is a personal preference, but this stage of pottery is my least favorite. Everything looks really funky while it's drying. It's almost like that really gawky stage kids go through before they become teenagers. Or at least, used to go through in the days when awkwardness, pimples, and uncomfortableness in one's own skin were the rights of passage from childhood into adulthood. Maybe I'm just putting emotion into the pots but they don't seem happy at this stage to me. Like they are anxiously awaiting to become, which happens in the glazing and firings. I'm just trying to baby them through the passage at this point.
For those interested in the shelves, they are very movable and temporary, depending on the size of work. Just boards stacked on top of big yogurt containers. Thanks Stoneyfield!! You make my breakfast delicious and are recycled into the studio.

Friday, January 10, 2014

New Leaf Teapots

Bamboo Leaf Teapot in the works

Lotus Leaf Teapot in the works
New Teapots in the greenware stage after throwing and assembling all the parts, carving the texture and adding handles. One will have a new home in Asheville in February.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Making glaze rainbows

2 version of coral,  florentine green, charcoal grey, mazarine, chartreuse and avocado mix, dark teal.

Some glazes I have been experimenting with. These little bowls are really convenient for testing colors with texture.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Have a plate full of Koi happiness this New Year

Blue Koi Happiness

Green Koi Happiness
Detail of green koi plate with underglazes and glazes

The common word for Koi in Japanese is Nishikigoi, It is the symbol of friendship and romantic love and symbolizes strength and courage.

May your New Year be blessed with love, friendship, strength and courage.