Sunday, November 27, 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011

Shelby Star Story on Festival and potters

Story in Shelby Star about local potters and the Carolina Pottery Festival, which happens tomorrow. Tried to do a link for you, but you'll just have to look it up yourself. Search for Connected by clay, Shelby Star and you'll see a slideshow and a little blurb about a few of us in the area.
I'm all set up and ready to sell pottery! Hope you can make it out. Looks to be a great day.......See ya there

Great story in the Shelby Star

Vickie Gill. Born in Shreveport, La, grew up in New Orleans and has lived in Gastonia since 1982. Specialty: Photo : The Star Online : The Newspaper of Cleveland County

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oxidation vs. Reduction

Oxidation oranges, rusts and ambers

Reduction yellows, reds and temmokus

More reduction colors
Recently my friend, Bobbie, asked me to help her fill her gas kiln with some work. She usually asks about once or twice a year in order to get a firing done more quickly, since her kiln is pretty large and takes quite a few pieces. I'm always happy to round out her load because I miss reduction firing sometimes and it makes me think differently about the pieces I make. I tend to do a little less decorating and let the kiln work it's magic more. She opened the kiln on Halloween Day and I got to ask "Was it Halloween or Christmas?", a saying from Ben Owens, III that we first when we took a class from him at Penland.

"CHRISTMAS!" was her answer.

These pots will be available at the Carolina Pottery Festival on Nov. 12, in Shelby.