Tuesday, February 8, 2011


These are some new bowl shapes for me. As you can see from the top photo, I went through my old pottery magazines and pulled out things I wanted to try. Since I am making bowls for the Cleveland Co. Bowling for Dollars event this month, I thought I would do a little experimentation. Don't know how I will glaze them, but think I'll keep it simple and let the form speak.
I started cleaning the studio back in August, 2010. This past month I finally got all the things that I had decided I wasn't going to use either sold, donated, or thrown away. It felt really good to have more space. In the midst of the cleaning I found some things that had been buried. These included:
Photo light stands
Bags of glazes that I wanted to experiment with and had never gotten into liquid form (copper reds in oxidation, slip glazes, an oil spot glaze)
Second, third, and fourth replacements of needle tools, scratch tools, trimming tools
Lamp parts
Glass containers
Reduced my magazines down to a handful and plan on trying out new things every month from the clippings. Kind of a self enforced workshop.
The clean up also spawned new projects in the studio. Currently working on a plaster table for recycling clay, a new soft light box and a speedy set up for the light box for taking on the fly photos. Well, that's the update on what's happening at Bluegill. Got a show in Mississippi this month and hope to get some photos of glazed pieces before I leave for that. Stay tuned........