Saturday, July 21, 2007

Turtle power and a bottle

Well, I promised images of the turtles, so here goes.

There is also a bottle form that I have been working on. Ron Philbeck and I collaborated on some mold making for bottle forms a couple of years ago. My mold didn't turn out well, so I use it for a big plaster bat to suck the moisture out of reclaim clay. Now I am back on the bottle kick but using a curved form to make the curved walls and slabs of clay for sides, bottom and top. The little spouts were wheel thrown and attached. This is a dark red clay that I have been experimenting with. I think it will make a really cool flower container.

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Unknown said...

just got your email, thanks for the compilment, i look forward to seeing your work in"real time", post a pic of the bottle form when it's done, i really like it!-jeff