Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Reduced to Cleaning

Well, things finally reached the crisis point yesterday when I almost tripped over a bag of clay and couldn't find a spot to put a finished handbuilt piece for drying. I was reduced to a cleaning/sort out project that started in my workspace. I got all the slab forms that I use for making handbuilt pieces back in order on my shelves, put away things that had been strewn about and got some order going. Today will be some cleaning in the wheel throwing area. Hopefully I will get a bisque load going and that will cut down on some of the "pots everywhere" syndrome!
I did get a chance to work on another large basket and carve the new tray form with one of my "sacred tree" ideas. And I was finally able to make a holey (things with openings as opposed to divine objects) flower vase. Very happy with it and hope to get another done today.
My booth display has been on my mind quite a bit. I bought shelving and lights with the idea of changing things, but will probably take these back and stew some more on it. Once you begin to change one thing, it leads to another and lots of cash. So I am sketching little diagrams madly and imagining new uses for the shelving and furniture I already have.

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