Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cooking with electricity

My grandmother used to say "Now we're cooking with grease!" when she wanted to make a point that things were really heating up and getting busy. Tonight I'm cooking with electricity--the kiln will be going in several hours and on Saturday I hope to open and see some great sights. I have a portion of a dinnerware set and the three sumi-e pieces in this load. I got a little nervous when glazing the sumi-e work. Had big ideas about doing three different transparent glazes but chickened out and stuck to one, although it is a new combination that I hope will give a very subtle amber.
I'm not believing the difference in temperatures that we have had the past week. The kiln was registering 105 inside, and it hadn't been fired.
The dinner set I am making for Jim for Pop Day is turning out very nice. Will try to shoot some shots tomorrow of the plates and also of some great little flower containers I did recently.
We finally got the Tides of Man cd's from Spencer. It was very moving to see the finished product. Will write more about that later. Off to dinner!

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