Monday, June 15, 2009

Twits, Faces, Blogs, Farms

Seems like I am always running behind on the list of to-dos. My weekend list was very long, including personal, business, Jim's business, friend stuff and no entries on the blog for a while. I have been contemplating Twitter, but just don't seem to see how I would have time to add this to my communication outflow. I hardly check the Facebook account and don't feel like I am really managing it. Even with my website and blog, I haven't added an email sign-up, which I have been meaning to do for a long time. Ron beat me to it. He also got out promo packets (also on my list for a long time).
On the ceramic front, I did get new art out to Grovewood Gallery in Asheville and Island Artworks in Ocracoke and have more to send to a botanical garden in Virginia.
I've been working on small sauce bowls for a wedding order and got 33 thrown yesterday. Today will be trimming them and seeing how a kiln load of refires fared. I so hate doing refires..... Just had some pinholing and haven't figured if I need to extend my soak (that's holding the kiln at the top temperature in order to give the liquified glazes time to stop gassing and boiling and smooth out). It's already at an hour and 15 minutes. Sometimes refiring to a lower temperature with patches of new glaze on the pinholes solves the problem and sometimes it makes it worse. Old acne breakout memories!
On the friend front I cooked this morning. I have a friend going through radiation and she is at the point where she is very tired. So, I just doubled up on quiches and a casserole. Tomorrow I'll make my favorite soup--yes I do know it's 500 degrees outside but I like soup all year round.
Hope your list is shorter than mine and you get yours finished with time to spare today!

Oh.....the farm thing is my sister tells me she is tending a farm on Facebook. Maybe I'll sneak a peak tonight and see how she is doing with the taters and 'maters (potatoes and tomatoes).


Linda Starr said...

I haven't had much luck with reglazing, the look ok, but in the end they don't pass muster. Good for you for helping a friend in need, I congratulate you.

Vicki Gill, potter said...

Well, my pinholes got worse, Linda. I consulted 3 different books to see what the problem might be and I hope it's just extending the soak time and thinning the glaze a bit.
It's nice to cook for someone else for a change. Just us low-salt, low cholesterol, low carb uninspiring food fare at home now and I have to say that I have trouble getting excited about chicken on the grill, a vegetable and a salad anymore.