Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fighting Mother Nature

We are back from Australia and it was a lovely trip. I am still fighting the time difference. I thought I had breezed through the adjustment after staying up for 24 hours straight or so, then sleeping like a baby the first night home. However, it's been up at 4:00am since then and being really tired at random hours.
Also, I have been battling black ants in the kitchen. This was a thing that would go on intermittently before we left. A caravan of them would greet us at all hours of the day as they hiked across the countertop, searching out morsels of food. We would spray, wipe, vaccum, clean all surfaces and they would disappear for a bit. Then we would find them in another spot. I swear they were like Vasco deGama, looking for the new world, only they took many different routes!
They were our welcome home party, along with the rotten apple and banana that I forgot to take out of the fruit bowl before leaving. Those little devils are like really persistent guests, they refuse to leave.
I will post some pictures and thoughts of Australia as I get more organized and some real sleep. Didn't get to see much pottery while there, though. Glad to be home and back in arm deep in clay.


Linda Starr said...

Australia, how wonderful, rest up.

Jen Mecca said...

Wow...Australia...lucky dog!

Unknown said...

We battled ants at the beach, they were actually in the bed!!! Yes, a few dozen choice words were shouted.
To get rid of ants place bay leaves or cinnimon powder around your kitchen counters etc. they don't like the smell.
Upon seeing the ants use spray of 100% white vinegar. Again they aren't much for the smell.
I've always heard they don't like mint if you plant that in the yard around the house supposed to deter them.

cookingwithgas said...

Hi Vickie- thanks for the glaze I will compare this to what I am testing.
What a great trip!
Ants- you will need something to kill the nest.
Sugar with borax mixed together has worked for us.
I have tried all the other stuff and they just come back when the smells go away.
Thanks again- your work looks great as usual!