Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy after Halloween, confessions of mom of grown children

Thought this was an appropriate image for the post halloween blues! It's from the Mint Museum's show of Contempory Ceramics that I visited last month. Hope none of you feel like this today from the overload of sweets. I do have to confess that I didn't even have candy last night for the treaters. I had to work late to finish glazing some orders, then it started to rain very hard, so I just turned off the lights and SKIPPED HALLOWEEN! Some neighbors told me they only had one trickster come to the door, so I was glad I don't have all that sweet loot at the house and have to eat it.
However, back when the kids were home, it was always fun to go through their candy (it was for their own good, of course) and sneak out a few of my favorites. I like chocolate and snickers, reeses, special dark chocolate, nestles crunch and those little peanut butter filled, candy coated stripy things were my favorites. I am old enough to remember when the stripes were actually on the candy and not just printed on the wrapper like they are now. Our oldest, Katie, would organize and COUNT all her candy, so it was very hard to get a little evening treat from her. Spence had his all jumbled up in a pumpkin and you could cull through it and take a little treasure pile for future snacks. Of course he would probably say he knew I was taking it, but he didn't have the list of inventory like Katie, so it was hard to prove! This morning while searching for tea bags I discovered the chocolate and windmill cookies I bought at the grocery several weeks ago. Oh happy day......Here's treats and tricks to you all.

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