Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Pen-Free Museum in Tampa, by Golly

New Tampa Museum of Art
Sketches of Greek Pottery

Dutifully observing the "No Photography" Sign on their permanent collection by drawing, standing up, balancing a sketchbook and purse with nary a seat in sight.

More nice pots and thoughts about pots before the security caught me WITH PEN IN HAND!
"Ma'am, is that a pen you are holding?" quoth he.
"Why yes" said I.
"You can't use a PEN in the museum. You'll have to go downstairs and get a PENCIL" said he.
"You're kidding" said I, restraining myself mightily.
Gee, what would they have done if I had pulled out my trusty BLACK PERMANENT MARKER!Really, I can understand the fear that some kid might decide to write "Johnny was here" on the derriere of a female nude sculpture, but a tame grey haired lady with a sketch book and ballpoint is not much of a security threat.
What is the job of a museum these days? I thought it was to nuture appreciation of art and history and to educate. How can it be that we are reduced to the simplicity of gawking idiots, unable to record any nuance of light and shadow, the way the piece curves up from the belly, the lip and foot proportions, or how the handle joins at just the right spot because we have a pen in our hand.


Ron said...

That's insane!!!!! What's their policy on crayons?

Jen Mecca said...

Oh good lord! I not sure I could have refrain from being a big pain in the butt if that had been me in your position!( Of course I would have had the kids with me who where drawing on the backside of the statues so...)

Vicki Gill, potter said...

Funny you guys! Does seem really "machine-like" in the thinking of the management, though!