Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pottery Lottery

Mixed Sets are really popular right now, at least according to my custom orders. This was a set of canisters I recently completed. I also am 1 plate short of completing a dinnerware order that has 3 handbuild scalloped edged plates, 6 handbuilt triangular salad plates and 3 thrown, squared plates with carving on the rims and then 6 bowls to match. The green and honey-gold glaze tie them together, but each plate is different and like a small painting.

And then there's the order for 2 different plates, to coordinate with other plates from other potters.

I like it. It's an individual world with people being able to have something unique and lovely but not the same as anyone else.

Gosh, these people have won the pottery lottery, because the odds that almost anyone else out there has something similar are about one in whatever the population of Earth currently is.

Pretty cool. I am feeling extra super duper cool about being a potter right now. Plus, I had a darn good kiln firing yesterday.


Linda Starr said...

What a great post about mixed sets, love is complicated nowadays and perhaps pottery choices are reflected in that fact. Making pottery can be so up or so down, so glad you have good firing.

Vicki Gill, potter said...

Thanks Linda. You're right about the so up or down. Sometimes you even think you have had a great firing and look the next morning and find all these things you didn't see before that taint that view. Luckily this did not happen on my last firing. So I am hugging the memory of it to me like a well worn, beloved toy to tide me through future firings!