Thursday, August 18, 2011

Conversations with kids about clay

Kids say the darnedest things about clay sometimes. Over the past few weeks I have done some lessons for a summer camp and some private lessons and really enjoyed the feedback from the kids I spoke to and what they thought. Here's some of their comments:

"Wow. This is so cool. If you need help I could come and be your helper." Victoria, 11 or 12 years old. "I just love your leaves. They are BEEUTIFULLLL!" deep sigh...(Leaf shaped clay bowls)

"I can use my allowance to buy one of these, you can buy the other and maybe mom will buy this one for me." commented Vicki (a different one, but around age 11, ) on a visit to the gallery with her grandmother so she could pick out pottery for her birthday. This little girl wanted POTTERY for her birthday! Note: her grandmother bought one piece and she did use her own money to buy another, but mom had already gotten her a birthday present.

" I could come after school and help you out. I could clean up or help you make things. I can give you my cell phone and you can call me." Dean, just turned 13. And he did give me his cell phone number.

Besides being very sweet, these conversations were inspiring to me. They reminded me of the joy that clay can bring to others and how much kids are able and desire to help when they are excited about a subject.

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