Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pictures are deceiving

The very crooked side view of this piece. It moved alot in the kiln

Front view. Can you tell it's leaning like the tower of Pisa?
I was working on some experimental pieces when I was visiting my mom and dad. Yes, I brought clay to  a family visit because I was on a tight deadline for shows and orders. This is a type of envelope vase (very narrow) that I had been thinking about. Sadly, it survived the drive home but the top section was loose and had come detached from the base. I went ahead and propped it up and plastered it with a lot of glaze, hoping for the best. From the top shot you can see that the propping up wasn't successful and it now has quite a drunken tilt to it. There would be a whole lot of people who would argue that it would have been better to start over, rather that fire it. But I disagree. This crazy, tilting vase is still artistic fodder for new ideas, structural changes I need to take into consideration next time and the "What if?" factor of inspiration it can provide me in the future. And at the very least, it is the warning not to spend a lot of time on pieces when you have to transport them 600 miles in the trunk of your car.

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