Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pottery in the home

A few candid shots of my pottery at the Mississippi show. It was a lovely home show hosted by my sister, Tammy. Her house is filled with antiques and is such a beautiful venue for handcrafted pieces. The warmth of the wood furniture is a very nice background for the colors of the glazes. It also gives a feeling of USE--how work might be displayed or used in a home setting. Of course, Tammy has more of my pottery than I do, so she had to move all the pieces she owns so no one would try to buy them. This has happened in the past! As collectors go, she probably has the largest collection of my work from the earliest time to present, followed by my mom. They have always been my biggest fans and supporters and I love them dearly for all they have done to help me work creatively and with passion in this field.

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