Monday, August 6, 2007

Two things seem to be pretty consistant at the studio, no matter what else happens. There is always someone who will come in with a pet, looking for the animal hospital and have a most curious look on their face when confronted with lots of pottery. And there is always a phone call or face to face with someone looking for a place to paint on pottery. The first event happens because the studio was formerly a veterinary hospital for a very long time (about 30 years). The second event happens because-?????? In my crazier moments I have considered making or carrying bisque ware for the folks who just want to paint. However, I manage to talk myself out of it when I consider where I would store the underglazes, work, how I would fit it into my firing schedules for my production and my classes..........

Earlier this year, I did have fun doing a personlized plate for the birth of a child. I do think this is something I might pursue on occasion. Here's a picture of it.
Got to run to work. Classes to teach, pots to make and glaze, etc.

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