Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Jingle, Jingle, Jingle

I was driving home last night and admiring all the holiday lights on the houses. There is something about this season when darkness descends so early and lifts so late in the day that needs a little extra illumination. When I was very young we would pile in our car and drive around, looking at the decorations. And even when my daughter and I came home from the hospital on Christmas eve in 1983, we piled her in the car with my folks and drove through ChristmasTown in McAdenville. Hope your days and evenings are being illuminated!
We had a very nice visit with our son over Thanksgiving. He is in a band and we got to go to practice and listen. Such passion in music and musicians. It was great to watch him play and let everything go. Something about music that can release your soul. If I ever figure out how to add music here, I will post a clip of an instrumental that he just sent.
Off to the studio. Lots to clean and finish before the open house. Hope I see you there.

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