Sunday, June 29, 2008

Making Goblets movie

This is a still/shot with a short video movie that my friend Pam Brock made. She came last fall and spent an afternoon in the studio while visiting another potter friend and firing a kiln. I showed her a technique for throwing goblets in one piece. Originally I got the idea from a Cynthia Bringle workshop I attended about 8 years ago. She was throwing water tumblers with an open bottom and using a ball of clay to plug the collared-in top.

When I had to make some goblets for a commission, I tried that technique but all 12 of them cracked. Which just goes to show you that another person's technique, clay glazes and firing may not work for you, your clay or your kiln. I violated the basic rule of "TEST, TEST, TEST".

But I was not ready to give up, thought about it alot and had a brainstorm. I would try a "cookie" of clay instead of a ball of clay. I only made 2 this time. The cookie worked really well as long as I made them fresh (still pliable and not stiff) and I put a hole in the stem to keep pressure from causing the joint to crack.

Hope you enjoy. I do trim freshly made, wet goblets on the wheel to reduce the bulk of the stem and refine them. These are more on the line of chalices, and receive a lot of carving when leatherhard.

Thanks Pam for the editing and the movie!


Unknown said...

Looks good! You've given a new meaning to Cookie! -pb

Jen Mecca said...

Boy, you and Ron and these movies you have on your blog. I'm falling behind!
I do that cookie thing for my egg cups, it works well. Watching Cynthia throw a goblet is amazing.

By the way, can you get me 6 pieces for that pullen show ( circle of eight) by mid August? Jen