Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ah, the Fair!

I did pottery wheel throwing demos at the Fair in Cleveland Co. last week. These are a few shots of the midway and the wet pots in the back of my car. They all survived and I am in the midst of carving on them now. There is something magical about the lights, noise and nippy weather of a fair in the fall. It took me back to my own memories of the excitement of being about 8 years old and going to the state fair in Shreveport, La. with my family and my grandmother. I loved the bobbing ducks (Go Fish) game, where you were guaranteed to win something. I also remember being amazed at the animation of my grandmother, playing about 6 or 7 bingo cards at one time, and me trying to help her keep track of all those numbers.


Tracey Broome said...

Oh man, this just makes me smile!!! thanks

Linda Starr said...

What great memories. I always wory when I carry bisque stuff in my car, but green - yikes you are brave.