Friday, October 3, 2008

Other new stuff

This trio is a continuation of a series based on Persian images. I had done about 20 pieces and fired them in my friend Bobbie's gas kiln and the glazes I used covered the slip so it came out very indistinct and blobby looking. I will give it a go in my kiln and hope my glazes do better with the design.

I got to demo at the Cleveland Co. Fairgrounds on Wed. night and will have some comments about driving around with wet pots and some views of the fair in the next post. Too many things to say... too many pots still to make... Have a great day!


Jen Mecca said...

I really like those Vicki! jen

Ron said...

I really like these too. Hope to see them in person this weekend. ?

Vicki Gill, potter said...

Thanks guys! I think I am on ya'll's side of the sale this year. I'm hoping for a spot without a hole in the ground!