Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Photo Shoot

The images we ended up with.

A shot of the "photo shoot", featuring Diana, trying to help me figure out correct camera settings, etc. I had ordered gradient photo paper, which finally came in, and we installed in into my homemade "light box". I used a large box (one I had hanging around since 2004 because one of my wheels came packed in it and I just KNEW I would need it for something, someday), cut areas out of three sides, painted it white and attached tissue paper in the holes. Then we took 2 PVC pipes with heavy bases and clipped on some reflectors with 100watt fluorescent bulbs. There was a wild assortment of other lights, cords, boxes, etc to help position room lighting.

I think this will work pretty well for "on the fly" shots of new work.


Unknown said...

Only my inventive sister!!!!

jim gottuso said...

this is inspirational... i've been struggling with the same thing myself. i made a box last week and after getting fabric (instead of tissue paper) and putting it together it turns out it's too small for my larger bowls. i just received my graduated backdrop in the mail and have high hopes. i couldn't believe how difficult it is to find a cardboard box. seems like they're everywhere when you don't need them. anyway the shots came out very nice. wish me luck

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

This is a timely post for me... My next project is delving into doing my own photos of work. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

I saw a workshop with this lady last month.

a little involved but good info

Vicki Gill, potter said...

Jim, you could just use something like foam core board and tape together to get a good size. I think the largest my box will hold is something about 21" wide. Good luck with it all.

Pam, thanks for the link. That soft box looks pretty interesting. Are you going to put one together?

I think I will be pretty happy with my set-up. I really like the fluorescents because they don't give off so much heat.