Thursday, August 13, 2009

Little knobs

Little knobs. I started a series of jars about "curious" animals and things in Australia. There are some amazing stories out there. Here you see dingos at the top, a honey ant in the middle and the fearsome kangaroo at the bottom.
When I was a kid (somewhere between 9 and 11), my dad bought a set of gently used World Book encyclopedias. I was in knowledge heaven. I remember reading about kangaroos, how tiny they were when born, and how they blindly climbed up through their mother's fur into the pouch. I told my parents about this, and they said "No way". I was thrilled to show it to them in print. Now the story has come full circle and is on one of my covered jars.

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Unknown said...

Girrrl you are going to end up living in Australia! What a great place to go for inspiration. Are you going to blog from downunder?

Great work!