Thursday, August 13, 2009


The fluorescents make this look yellowed. This bowl has a design painted in the greenware state. I used a mix of dark and light rutile and a pinch of granular rutlile, with water added to paint on. I am really liking this. I think the color has more depth than underglazes (though I experimented with them, too, and you can see that on Saturday). As with any new work, I will be making some changes, but I'm pleased with this enough to keep it going.
Exterior of the above bowl. Color is more real in this shot.

Plate carved with desert and rain symbols. I'll only have one of these at the open house this weekend.
I was excited to realize I could enlarge images in my viewfinder to see if they were grainy when blown up. Now I can preview minute details of the pictures right on the camera

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Linda Starr said...

Hi Vicki, I love the colors you are achieving with the rutile washes on greenware, especially like the swirls in the bottom of the bowl - looks like glass, the drizzle down the side of the bowl, the colors on the plate, and your critter knobs below are spectacular. Good luck with your show - wish I could be there to visit and see your work in person.