Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bird Banks

Quick shots of the bird banks that came out of the kiln on the morning of the Festival. I actually toted (carried or took with one, for those not familiar with Southern slang) these to the show and home again when I couldn't figure out how to finish them. I put a hole in the bottoms, so the coins could be removed. I've found some cork plugs that work and am pondering other options. My pottery buddies, when asked for technical advice, said they used to remove their pennies by slipping a dinner knife in the slot and teasing the money out. Sure would make life easier to not have a hole, but would slow down the drying times.


Winston said...

That penguin is unbearably CUTE! Love them all!

cookingwithgas said...

these are wonderful- with a hole you could use them for flowers as well as money- but a cork bottom for letting out the money might work.
I hate the thought that they might get smashed by someone trying to get the money out.