Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Days, New Years, New Decades

Everything is new again! I have been cruising the blogs occasionally to see what's been happening out there. I have been on vacation, enjoying some well deserved time with family and starting on a study of courses that will occupy me and keep me away from the studio until the end of May.

Today I walked around the neighborhood (Florida, not NC) and it was a breezy, chilly, sunny morning. Quite nice. Don't know if the FL natives like this cold spell but it suits me just fine.
I have to figure out how to load my camera pictures on this computer, so no new images for a bit.

There was a great article in Ceramics Arts Daily last week about mass production of pottery design. I read it with interest. It really covered the good points and bad points of such a self-financed venture. I can see how satifsying that would be for an artist/craftsman that had the goal to bring well-made work to the marketplace at large quantities. I did have to explore some of my own prejudices about the concept, but realized that I enjoy a lot of products that fall in that middle space--well designed, aesthetically pleasing and in an affordable range.

They are NOT the same as the individually made cup. But I would reach for them and the experience would be more pleasing than that cylinder that comes in a rainbow of colors. I think the thing that I would miss most about the experience is the story behind the work itself. I do think of the person or place or time that I got a cup or mug from and to me, that is an important part of the drinking/eating experience. Now, I'm not saying that I have a concious remembrance every time I drink, but it's there, in the background like ambient music or a soft pillow. Maybe it's just "padding" for the everyday battle of life!

Anyway, I appreciated the article. Take a look for yourself. Tell me what you might think. Have a great day!


Winston said...

Hi Vicky, I couldn't agree with you more. I might be a sentimental old fart now but even when I was a kid, I'd always preferred handmade stuff. Nowadays, I hang on to my nephews and nieces' art and pottery pieces like gold. And as for those made by my granny and grandaunts, I worry that they'll get thrown away once I'm no longer around...they're the real heirlooms to me.

Vicki Gill, potter said...

Sorry it took me so long to reply, Winston. Problems with the computer. I guess what's important in the end is that you have them and they mean so much to you. Even if our favorite pottery gets given away after we're gone, it has the opportunity to get picked up by someone that may love it just as much, even though they're not family. How else would all those great surviving ceramics have gotten down to us now?

Gina said...

Hi Vicki, sure do miss you and Cherokee, but hope you're having a wonderful and refreshing time a soft Spring rain, cleansing your spirit and your carwash cool...keep me posted how you're doing ! Folks loved the Christmas pottery pieces..look forward to some more work in the Spring...Gina