Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Koi Work

A bone dry Koi tray that I have done the underglaze work on. The underglaze colors are very deceptive because they look washed out. However, once they are fired they will really increase in vividness. I'll try to get a shot of them at that stage so you can see the difference.

Next it will be bisque fired, then glaze applied and wiped off and other layers of glaze applied. This is a simplification of the way I first started making these trays and I am very happy that I changed my process. I used to put the underglaze colors on at the bisque stage and really had to juggle not wiping the color off as I tried to glaze them. And if the color is not vivid enough, I have another chance in the bisque stage to apply more.

A finished piece.

Detail of finished piece below.

This shows how I appled green glaze all over the piece then wiped it from the fish images and brushed on clear glaze over the fish. The green glaze went into the carved areas and it's color is changed to a steely blue when the clear goes over the top of it.

These will be heading for a gallery in Massachusetts as soon as we work out the details of the rest of the order.

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